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Squirrels and Geese


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Hey guys,

I am writing a report on wildlife management of squirrels and geese on my university campus. I hope this is allowed to post on this board, its in the Lounge, so I figured it was alright.


Here is a segment from report:

More attention needs to be given to understanding the ways in which wildlife thrives and survives in urban areas. There is still a general attitude that ‘wildlife’ is found only in rural and remote areas, and any that happens to find itself in towns and cities is best a nuisance, and at worst a dangerous pest. On the UW campus, geese are generally aggressive towards passers-by, attacks have occurred in the past, feces can be found on walkways and open spaces. Another animal found on campus is the squirrel, which can be found rummaging through open garbage cans. How can we better manage wildlife on campus? There is a serious ethical reason for doing this type of study, there is conflict between people and wildlife on campus and this is a problem that needs to be resolved.


A couple of initial questions that I would like to answer:

•What is good wildlife management?

•What are the ethical reasons for managing wildlife in urban areas?

•Do people find squirrels and geese on campus to be a ‘nuisance’?

•How much knowledge do people on campus have about the nature of squirrels and geese?

•Can we change people’s behaviour?

•What direct and indirect effects do students have on the wildlife?

• What methods have been in place and are currently in place to manage wildlife species on campus?

• What is the feasibility of implementing certain wildlife management techniques on campus?

•What barriers exist in wildlife management?


If any of you have experienced wildlife problems in our towns or cities, or you have some pointers for my project, please let me know.



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I don't find geese annoying at all. They rock. Hmm... a goose problem I've heard of is by the legistature we have here. There are too many pigeons, so they employ a person full time to scare them off since nothing else works.


Also, geese at the parliament of Ottawa are supposinly too numerous and aggressive. A deliveryman once sued the government (for enabling goose-causing conditions) after he was attacked by a goose, fell down and broke his foot. People want to shoot them and eat them, but there's debate over that.


I think they rule.

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