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  1. Are we certain this will still be the new single? I know that was the original plan, but maybe they’ve changed it because of the leak. It would explain the delay
  2. Chris did that YouTube interview with BTS and still didn’t drop My Universe. The Coloratura video teaser is a few weeks old too and there are no signs of the full version getting released anytime soon. I’m getting confused about their strategy
  3. They need to carefully plan the release of all those Higher Power remixes
  4. I’ve surprised they’ve held off releasing this for so long. They must have a solid marketing plan in place
  5. Yes, we know. But do you know both of those bonus tracks are already available? You can buy them right now if you want.
  6. My view is actually the exact opposite of OP. If the Japanese edition doesn't have any bonus tracks I'll be disappointed
  7. Bonus tracks are great, who wouldn't want more songs from Coldplay? They would be especially appreciated with MOTS given there are only 9 proper songs on it
  8. Openers Politik Always in My Head MX/Hurts Like Heaven A Head Full of Dreams Don't Panic Higher Power Life in Technicolor Square One Sunrise Closers Fly On/O Death and all His Friends Coloratura Up With the Birds Everyday Life Til Kingdom Come Everything's Not Lost/Life is for Living Amsterdam Up and Up
  9. I made this mashup of Every Teardrop and Born Slippy about 10 years ago. Posted it to the board using some file sharing site then forgot about it. Decided to upload it to YouTube today. Wasn't sure where else to put this. It's a banger. Enjoy
  10. Of all the snippets, this is the one I'm most interested in
  11. Knowing Coldplay it's just gonna be the intro to Let Somebody Go. The two MOTS tracks we know are just intros to the following tracks. I'll probably edit them together when I get the album.
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