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  1. People of the Priiiiiide Can't take credit for this, as much as I wish I could
  2. I don’t want music that sounds like what they were doing 20 years ago. Coloratura came out this year, Everyday Life less than two years ago. I want stuff that sounds like what they’re capable of doing now, and they’re clearly capable of a lot better than the bulk of MOTS.
  3. I’m not giving up on Coldplay. I loved GS, I loved EL, I love Coloratura, and both MX and AHFOD have grown on me over the years. They still have it in them to create amazing music. But they also have a need or desire to create chart friendly pop music that packs out stadiums. So Coldplay are gonna go back and forth, that’s just the way they are now. That said, I hope the near-universal backlash MOTS has received makes them re-evaluate their approach for Vol. 2 (or whatever LP10 ends up being)
  4. Incoming with some hot hot hot takes - POTP is the biggest missed opportunity on the album imo. The demo had a lot of promise and the live versions were intriguing, but turning it into a Max Martin produced glam rock stomper is not it. They should've saved the demo for one of the more alternative leaning albums. - The same is true for Spanish Rain/Don Quixote/Life is Beautiful and Infinity Sign. It's kind of a shame to witness a song evolve over the course of a decade, only to be reduced to an instrumental interlude. - I don't know how much truth there is to the rumour
  5. I’m digging it less with every listen, it has to be said At least we have Coloratura
  6. Editing tracks together or separating them has just become par the course for Coldplay albums at this point
  7. You don’t become one of the biggest bands in the world without sticking to a system. In Coldplay’s case, that means starting every album with an agreed-upon title that dictates the project’s direction, from songwriting to production style to visuals. β€œIt allows us a little bit of discipline in the studio knowing what we're trying to build,” bassist Guy Berryman tells Apple Music. β€œIf you're building a building without any kind of architect's drawings, you would just start piling bricks on top of each other.” This preparation particularly came in handy in the case of a paralysing global pandemi
  8. Biutyful being one of the better tracks is a plot twist I didn’t see coming
  9. Brandon Flowers - Gets torn a new one for "are we human or are we dancer?" Chris Martin - "Hold my sphere"
  10. People are allowed to not like it. People are allowed to like it. You should be free to express your opinion whatever it is.
  11. Knee-jerk song ratings imho Brilliant Coloratura Great Humankind Human Heart People of the Pride Infinity Sign Good Higher Power Biutyful Eh Let Somebody Go My Universe
  12. Given the amount of spoilers/previews/singles/whatever this album turned out pretty much exactly as I expected it to
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