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  1. Now we've had some time to sit with it, do we think Everyday Life counts as a return to Oldplay or not?
  2. Doubt it would actually happen, but I’d be into it. Sounding more like Ghost Stories isn’t necessary a bad thing in my book.
  3. Possibly. Though I'm a weirdo that has Ghost Stories in his top 3 so I'm not a great authority on these things
  4. Here's my current playlist 1. Everyday Life 2. Church 3. Orphans 4. Flags 5. Champion of the World 6. Eko 7. Arabesque 8. Trouble in Town 9. Cry Cry Cry 10. Guns 11. Daddy 12. When I Need a Friend
  5. I'm hesistant to say this album is a return to Oldplay perse, but I easily prefer it to Mylo and AHFOD. Maybe X&Y as well.
  6. I prefer the YouTube mix. I like the message of the album version but the sample is just too violent and jarring to sound at home in a Coldplay song.
  7. Not to make a big deal of this but, is Chris alright? He hasn’t been anywhere near his usual bubbly self in any of the EL interviews thus far. Even in the Ghost Stories era he was more upbeat. His comments on Glastonbury got me especially concerned; refusing to play there again all because of something some idiot on Twitter said. That’s very unlike him.
  8. I'm worried there'll be a ton more Church-style lipsynching at the next performance if Chris' vocals don't improve
  9. Yeah, sunset Jordan time. Which is probably tomorrow in your time.
  10. Chris lipsynching on Church makes this feel less like a live performance and more like a music video
  11. My partner’s out of hospital now and alive and well. Obviously the road ahead is going to be a difficult and frightening one for both of us, but I’m staying optimistic. Thanks for all the love and support, it means a lot.
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