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Yellow one

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.... I just have to say...... that I love Coldplay... I have to tell someone that I am so in love with them... Their music is so amazing and different and... lovely... And I admit, I haven't heard every single song, I don't know everything I could about the band... but their music makes me feel so connected to something... everything they write about has been what I've felt and wished for... and the music reminds me of all of the dreams that I've had and gives me new ones for my heart to follow.... I swear, if their music were a hot guy, I would so marry it! :)...

Coldplay is going to be with me for the rest of my life... even if they upset me, or anger me in any way, I will always love them... They will always be the ones who wrote my 'Yellow' for me and my lover yet to come... I will always shine with them, I will always twist and turn with them, I will always come back and sing...


"... And nothing else compares..."

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