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Coldplay (bootleg) DVDs for sale:x


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hey guys and gals what's going on? this is my first post but have been a long time lurker to this board(usually post on dmb and howie day messageboards)..


i hate to have such a negative first post(it will get positive at the bottom:P) but i thought i might as well voice it regarding these bootleg dvds.


i don't know maybe my opinion is biased because in the dmb and howie day(many other artists as well - u2, springsteen) community these dvds would be freely(no cost) available through b+ps( http://www.etree.org/bnp/ ) and trades but then again dmb does have an open taping policy.


well anyway it just stinks that you have to pay for these dvds(and sometimes coldplay live shows) and that is what makes me think why coldplay doesnt have an open taping policy and ban so called "bootlegs".


if coldplay had an open taping policy i think it would be great since they really are a great live band. period.


although mpegs and live shows of theirs are FREELY available in the trading community even they though arent "really allowed" they are still traded for free! all about the music right?


well anyway all i know is that two or three of the videos on his(mcvideoguy) list are available for free in direct connect and with other traders as well. it's great that he taped it and by the looks of it is a great dvd but you shouldnt pay for it :sad:


maybe i was too redundant in parts of the post but oh well i was just a little disappointed that you had to pay for the dvds when you could do B+Ps, etc(no exchanging of money).



with that said i will offer up a B+P for 3 coldplay shows from my list: http://db.etree.org/dmband_fan1 to the next 3 US-residents who reply to this thread with their email address. I will get in touch with you guys over the weekend and fill you in on the details. 8)


To learn what a b+p is go to:



thanks...and hopefully i wasnt too negative :lol:

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