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Coldplay will play at this years HFStival in Baltimore, US. I think they are headlining. It will be May 14th which is incredibly soon. I am seriously considering driving from Toronto to see it. Line-up includes:


Billy Idol

Sum 41

Social Distortion


Foo Fighters

Good Charlotte


The Bravery

Citizen Cope

Jimmies Chicken Shack

New York Dolls

Unwritten Law

They Might Be Giants

Louis XIV

Echo and the Bunnymen


The Stereophonics


Trancemission's Tent Featuring:

Crystal Method

DJ Rap

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I wonder if Coldplay will play Lips Like Sugar with Echo and the Bunnymen. I'm also driving down to Coachella (7 hours or so) with some friends to see coldplay and others of course next month.

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Wow I'm really lucky because I live near where HFStival is being held and Coldplay and Foo fighters are my favorite bands. Maybe 45 minutes to one hour driving time to get there for me? Anyways, if you can get to New York first, I know where you can buy a round-trip bus ticket to DC (which is really near Baltimore) for only $30. Or look up on the greyhound buses on google or something. The tickets are pretty cheap and it's only approximately 4 hours to get from New York to Baltimore, which isn't too bad, just bring an iPod or something.


It's gonna be awesome :)

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hey yea thats cool and all that they are playing another show but doesn't that mean hes gonna miss Apple's first birthday? :idea2: cause if i remember correctly she was born on the 14th right? and i dunno i don't want the new daddy to have any problems with that arena :baby:

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has anyone gone to the past HFStivals? the quality of people doesn't sound very nice...i have to attend though, it's COLDPLAY! i've missed them too much it hurts...


*will it really be his little girl's birthday the 14th?

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I haven't gone to HFStival personally, but a lot of my friends have gone in the past and they say it's extremely crowded and wild. And apparantely lots of alcohol-filled guys. :/ Even though it's crazy, it's fun. should be fine :)

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good GOD! where were you today? never in my life have i had to endure so much pain for the sake of music...it was bleeding hot for most of the day, until about 4:30 or so, and then this was followed by continuous rain showers on and off...oh, and i was surrounded by a great number of morons full of ignorance...Echo and the Bunnymen and Interpol got no love!!! :angry: Unfreakinbelievable!!! Ian from Echo had a sore throat and ended up walking off stage b/c the soundboard techs wouldn't help out in turning up his mic, so no show from them...and the 'Pol left 25 minutes early :angry: my guess is because the crowd were more concerned about body surfing...oh Lord and then for the beloved Coldplay, they almost didn't perform because of the weather (severe thunderstorm warnings... i was out in the rain for a good 40 minutes) but then they came out about 40 minutes late and played a fantastic show, and now all is well with the world...



square one



????? new song revelead...the end of the song: "....black and white"


fix you

in my place


....loved seeing johnny and guy sing, will's drumming was highlighted a couple times, and chris was as charismatic and charming as always.

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Coldplay were brilliant! They played an outstanding show. The crowd surfers couldn't even ruin it for the fans! "Fix you" was soooooo good! I took pictures (which I'll post in a little while) but I wasn't exactly in the best spot....blinded a little by the camera guy!


As for the rest of the festival, It was awful. I will never again go to an HFS concert again. I nearly beat the crap out of a crowd surfer during the Interpol set.... I don't blame the guys for leaving 25 min early. The crowd was lousy.


I felt bad for Echo & the Bunnyman. I really would have liked to see them finish.


Garbage and Billy Idol had a good show...though to be in the crowd, yet again, you had better been prepared. I thought It was funny though how they commented on the pushy and stupid people in the front.

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