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Swallowed In The Sea


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This track sounds really interesting to me, but the lyrics are familiar........in TALK we heard "in the silence of the sea" so that caught my attention. Also in X&Y it says tidal wave and in white shadows it talks about sea. The album sounds like there are a lot of water references, as well as space. But this song I think will be mega, beautiful and really great... this album really needs the later tracks like this, twisted logic, low and the hardest part to be great in order to be truly a classic album, or as albie says best ever. We know from the live versions the songs 1-7 will be great, but after that we need these songs to pull through, and they will im sure!

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not on every track no' date=' just those two. but now we know the tracks is it not ok to talk about them? Anyway in the magazine they said it was like what if? an emotional ballad[/quote']



talk about them all you want.. just in the right forum!! lol you're making a mess, man!!! :P control yourself!! :laugh3:

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