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Coldplay's Triumphant Return


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I cant wait until the 18th! Coldplay are going to be back officially, just take a minute to think about what that means. Wow. Well they will be back, we will be hearing there songs everywhere and everyone will be going nuts about Speed Of Sound. It just really is amazing the attention they are going to get in 6 days! Wow it just has really hit me that this is going to end an era, and begin another one. Coldplay will be back everywhere, back in the spotlight and as rockin' as ever. Its going to be mega!

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I know I've been thinking about this too. AFTER ALL THIS TIME WAITING, ITS HERE!!! Here for however many years now I've been keeping track of them and their progress and now its gonna be out there for the world to see what they've been working on. They're gonna be HUGE after this I'd say, and all over too. They're not gonna be just our band anymore!

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