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Coachella by Yahoo! - Launch


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Coldplay were indeed one of Saturday's biggest highlights, with a massive performance that unified indie-rock hipsters, hackeysack-playing hippies, top 40-loving frat boys, and every other type of music fan in a way that perhaps only U2 could pull off these days. Emerging onstage to the celebratory strains of Richard Strauss's pounding 2001: A Space Odyssey theme, they opened with the epic first track off their upcoming third album X&Y, "Square One"--a bold statement of intent that took their stage show to a whole new level of bombast and grandeur. Highlights of their galvanizing 85-minute set included "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" with the 40,000-strong audience clapping in unison; an acoustic snippet of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" (a tribute to Sunday headliners NIN); Chris Martin instructing concertgoers to whip out their cameras and simultaneously snap a photo of the stage; and a whimsical performance of the country-tinged X&Y secret track "Till Kingdom Come" with Coldplay drummer Will Champion stepping out from behind his kit to play piano. The excitable crowd seemed extremely impressed with the setlist's several new Coldplay tunes (especially current top 10 single "Speed Of Sound")--as did Martin, who described future single "Love" as "orgasm-inducing," and introduced "What If" as "maybe the best song I ever wrote" and "Fix You" as "this song is f--ked-up brilliant." The set culminated with Martin's security-guard-assisted strut through the crowd during "In My Place"; during that moment, it seemed as if Coldplay were the biggest band on the planet. And perhaps they are, if this spectacular performance is anything to go by.


more: http://music.yahoo.com/promos/coachella2005/


:D :P

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