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I Tunes update for COLDPLAY Release June 7th...!


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Hey All...hope everyone out there is doing well!


I received an update from Itunes this morning saying that if you pre-order X & Y for $ 11.99 before the release date of June 7th...you will also receive 2 extra tracks!


The tracks are:






Things I Don't Understand.



I thought "Things..." was going to be a hidden track on the actual cd release but nevertheless...I wanted everyone out there to know about it.


Have a cool day...





florida, usa :cool:

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yea.. I just read this.... I dont trust iTunes.... it probably is a hidden track, but iTunes needs to make money somehow... maybe its just a gimmick to get people to d/l other than buy the actual record.... I will be purchasing the album the old fashioned way....



I am sure it will still be made available to me.. even if I dont buy the album via iTunes... :)

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I'm pretty sure Till Kingdom Come is supposed to be the only hidden track on the album, and it is shown on iTunes as the thirteenth track. Things I Don't Understand is a B-side on the Speed of Sound Single. So it looks like they're just throwing in the first two B-sides in for this iTunes deal.

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