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  1. now i know what i'll be listening to, exclusively, until the album drops. and i love it.
  2. Gwen's getting back into acting right now, and so her agents and PR people are probably pushing her to do pieces like this to increase her public exposure and get back into the public eye, so that her re-entrance isn't a total flop.
  3. haha, Asian you joker. like how I beat you to the post here eh.
  4. I posted this in the multimedia section, but I thought I'd post it here too. http://www.zshare.net/audio/3343558cc310f8/ Homecoming! What do you all think? (Thanks go to KanyeTalk.com and iTunes UK)
  5. no it hasn't! I'll try to post it, and if not IT, then most definitely "Homecoming" as soon as it does. rest assured. The album is to be released in 19 days, so the leak is just a few days away.
  6. d.B.g

    New album?

    Yeah it's coming out this year, latest rumors are October. Brian Eno is on board as a producer for the album. So far the following tracks are speculated to be on it: Bucket For a Crown Mining on the Moon The Fall of Man The Butterfly (I Shall Be Released)? (Don't know about that one) There was also some talk before that the following old tracks would be re-recorded and perhaps re-worked for this album: Solid Ground Ladder to the Sun How You See The World Gravity
  7. That set list is ridonculous they totally changed it up from what they've been doing this whole tour! I'm pretty sure the reports of upset fans in Chile did it to them. niiiiice.
  8. I'm going to the show in Paris in March!! I'm really happy for those of you who got tickets for the UK though, those sold out much more quickly compared to the france shows! Does ANYONE have "Ocean of Noise" ???? It leaked and I'm desperately trying to find it. Someone at the arcadefire fan site told me that you can find it by searching on google. anyoneeE?!
  9. The album got a terrible review on pitchfork. check it out.
  10. Thanks sooooooo much! just saw this now!
  11. lol, sometimes I read reviews like that and just laugh ... as i just have. It's weird how you can become a music journalist for a newspaper like the NYPost and still not have a clue about what good music is. "Beach Chair" is not for everyone, but to say that its horrible is just false. Technically speaking it is a very well done track, well produced, creative chords. The fact that it is a manufactured beat made by two producers in two different countries, who didn't even speak about their vision for the track, doesn't even affect the quality of the song instrumentally - this is largely because two of the most innovative, progressive and popularly accepted artists of the past decade (in Dre's case more than a decade) worked on it. But I mean think about it, Chris writing the chords, playing them on the synth, and adding vocals, and then dre adding strings and drums to it. Anyways, the lyrics of the song are also what make Beach Chair not for everyone. A lot of typical Jay-Z fans are going to find it hard to accept a humble, emotionally explicit Jigga. A lot of Chris fans listen to the song expecting to hear something less bass and percussion heavy. But it doesnt change the fact that the song is solid. I'm a big fan haha, as everyone whose read this thread knows I guess ...
  12. Pitchfork is always very harsh with their reviews. Basically to get a good review on pitchfork you need to be a new indie band. Very few commercially successful artists get really good reviews there, although some do, like Justin Timberlake. You should read their Coldplay reviews - ouch.
  13. Woah, its crazy how quickly threads move down in this forum. Basically I'm just posting to keep this one high up, so that someone will answer my question!
  14. here are the lyrics: (Jay Z) Life is but a dream to me i dont wanna wake up 30 odd years without having my cake up so im bout my pap-er 24/7, 365, 366 in the leap year i dont know why we here since we gotta be here life is but a beach chair (chair,chair,chair) went from having shabby clothes to crossing over Abbey road and my angels singing to me (are you happy HOV?) i just hope im hearing right karma's got me fearing like Colleek are you praying for me see i got demons in my past so i got daughters on the way if the Prophecy's correct than the child shall have to pay for the sins of the father so i barter my tommorrows against my yesterdays in hopes that she'll be O.K. and when i'm no longer here to shade her face from the glare I'll give her my share of Carol's Daughter and a new beach chair (chorus) I hear my angels sing (life is just a dream 4x) life is but a dream to me gun shots sing to these other guys but lullabies don't mean a thing to me I'm not afraid of dyin' I'm afraid of not tryin' everyday hit every wave like im Hawaiian i don't surf the net no i never been on myspace too busy letting my voice vibrate carving out my space in this world of fly girls cut Throats in diamond cut ropes i twirls business round corners where the sun don't shine i let the wheels give a glimpse of hope in ones grind some said "Hov how you get so fly" i said from not being afraid to fall out the sky my physicals a shell so when i say farewell my soul will find an even higher plane to dwell so fly you shall so have no fear just know that life is but a beach chair (chair, chair, chair) (Chorus) life is but a dream cant mimic my life im the thinnest cut slice inner cut the winners cup where winters rough enough to interrupt life thats why im both saint and sinner...nice this is jay everyday no compromise no compas comes with this life just eyes so to map it out you must look inside sure books can guide you but your heart defines you chica your corazon is what brought us on your great shape like Heidi Klum mighty (gone?, god?) i am on permanent vaca life is but a beach chair songs like a hallmark card until you reach here tilda she's here and she's declared free air i will prepare a blueprint for you to print a map for you to get back a guide for your eyes just so you wont lose in I'll make it stink for you to think i ain't these versus full of pro's so you wont get con'd out your 2 cents my last pair of testaments i leave in heir my share of roc-a-fella records and a shiny new beach chair (chorus)
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