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10:00am: The seats you requested could not be found.


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DAMN! :angry: Some kind of error message saying that too many people requested tickets for up close! :angry: The lower covered pavillion for Pittsburgh was GONE in less than a minute! By the time I went and requested tix for the upper covered pavillion (still not baaad seats) it was already nearly to the end of those! I BELONG UP FRONT!!! :angry:



If I only had something faster than DIAL-UP at home! AHHHH! Should have run over to my GF's house :embarrased:


Well, I requested tix for 3 shows: Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Philly. Pitt's the only one I got, which is ok, since its the closest one to me :)



Soooo: Sec 9, Row O, Seats 23, 24

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Just keep TRYING!!!! I refreshed the page at least 20 times while trying to get tickets for Riverbend in Cincinnati. And I ended up with the best seats!!! GA pit, right in front of the stage! DON't GIVe uP! you have all day to buy them and I def did not buy all 4 that I requested for my show.

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AH! I gave up and bought the upper covered pavillion. I tried a couple times for lower, and twice for the upper. The first time I tried upper I got seats in the middle atleast, but by the tiime I went and tried lower again and then upper again my seats were pretty much the last ones to fill out the upper covered, before they would go to the lawn. I'm still decently close though, I suppose. I'll keep trying to find some better tix though, somehow :confused:

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What the hellllllllllllll. I'm getting this:


At this moment, there are not enough tickets to fill your request. Please go back and try again. This does not necessarily mean that there are no tickets available. Other ticket buyers are trying to purchase tickets too, and are holding the available tickets.

Other ticket buyers may decide not to purchase the tickets they are holding, and these tickets may become available.

Please go back and try the following to obtain tickets: 1) request a lower quantity of tickets, 2) request a different ticket type, and/or 3) request tickets for another ticket price.


I preordered 4, trying with 3 and even 2 and I get the same error! Anyone knows what to do? cry.gif

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