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A rush of blood to the head, very impressive!


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This second record of Coldplay is very impressive because parachutes has already been a great success but to my mind, this second one is harder and better than parachutes in spite of its quality.

I remind of the first time I have heard the album, I was very happy and satisfied because this record is fantastic, politik is very emotional, in my place, a future classic song; clocks a very inspired song....

with this second record, Coldplay has become a greater rock band, the press has really enjoyed a rush of blood to the head, particularly in France because the band is very popular over there and has been very famous since parachutes.

I have been fond of Coldplay since the beginning of the band and I have never been disappointed because Coldplay is also an engaged band with their opinions and they're right to protest against unfair trade and inequalities in the world!

I am looking forward to going to their gig in Lille tomorrow, it will be my first Coldplay gig and I'm sure I won't regret it! :-D

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arobtth is a great album and i was happy to see that cp had eveloped to be more rockish and that the second album not just was a reputation of the first. but what you like best is up to you. they are both tremendiouse (a word?)

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