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  1. Hey how are you? :)

  2. THEY'RE HERE: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/data/toons/badger.swf Wait for the snake! Seriously, go check it out!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. i should go to bed... no... not really... it's actually only 20.30!! but i'm ingured!
  4. so that's it girlies! let's through ourselves at quite jon then :lol: nice little prank they pulled there, but i would have liked to seen a wedding dress :(
  5. DAMMIT!!! Cant believe I forgot Pistacios! Another favorite of mine... It wont let me add to the poll... i cant believe it, you forget all kinds! What about haselnuts or... what are they called... the little nuts you put in salad... they are really fatty... oh, I know what I'M talking about!
  6. they truly are... all of you stop it! i'm hungering for nuts now!!! Hey btw, i first thought when i saw this topic that i was supposed to vote for a person :lol:
  7. Badly Drawn Boy... dont know what the track is called... It's from the library and i'm totally digging it! Jeez, i love the piano!
  8. ok... i feel guilty! I voted Blur... i know! I'm a heritich, or whatever it's called! But i've recently "discovered" Blur, and they just got a lot of viarity and more albums! But if it came to Parachutes vs Think Tank i have NO idea what i would vote!! :stunned:
  9. Chrissy


    well, i guess it IS my own fault hehe
  10. i get most, but haste?
  11. oh YEAH! i change my vote!
  12. Chrissy


    ok this thread is wwweeeeeiiiiiirdddd!!! and omg sammie, i get seasick from wacting your avatar :o
  13. That IS true! Jack is the best missa thinks. Some of Jack's demands when Rosario wanted to divorse him: "Number one: 100.000 dollars preferably in fifties Number 2: A powder blue pony to mach my eyes Number 3: Powder blue eyes" hahahahaha!!! :lol:
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