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Blown Away (Psuedo-Review)


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I really am amazed that so many people dislike this album, especially Coldplay fans! I've been listening to it non-stop since it leaked a few days ago. From Square One to TKC, there's not really one track that I don't like. Originally, I didn't care much for Low, but it's already growing on me.


I'm a huge fan of both Radiohead and Pearl Jam, and though I'm sure it requires more time/more listens/etc. to truly decide, right now I think it's better than Riot Act and Hail to the Thief. Easily the best album to come out in the last few years, in my opinion.


I like bands for different reasons. For instance, I love Radiohead because each album sounds fresh and, from song to song, there's a ton of variation and experimentation. Rush and Radiohead are technically amazing. I like Pearl Jam because they have a great amount of emotional depth and beautiful lyrics.


Coldplay are great because they write wonderful sounding melodies, catchy hooks, and simple but beautiful lyrics that people can connect to. Who cares if they don't push the envelope on every song - right now I think they've perfected their style. That's not to say there's nothing new sounding on X&Y, I think Square One, Low, and Twisted Logic prove that.


I think part of the problem is people aren't listening to the songs and enjoying them for what they are. Some people are comparing them to Radiohead, U2 or to some other band. Others are comparing them to the songs on Parachutes and AROBTTH. For anyone who has yet to listen to the new album, I suggest setting aside all expectations and not trying to compare the songs to anything you've heard before. They're pretty wonderful on their own.


Can't wait for the tour.


Highlights for me:

White Shadows, A Message, Speed of Sound

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