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Coldplay interview in this week's Time Out magazine!

Coldplay in Time Out

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Hi guys,


Thought you might like to know there's a big interview with Coldplay in this week's issue of Time Out.


The magazine caught up with the band on tour in Toronto to find a band on the cusp of greatness - and an ever so slightly barmy Chris....




Why Chris shies away from publicity:


“I’m not interested in going on the cover of OK and telling “the truth about my relationship.” I don’t give a shit if someone thinks I sleep with a cucumber up my bum ‘cos it’s healing.”




Chris on what it takes to be a frontman::


“I think to be a frontman you have to be half very driven and half a total knob. And I like to think I’m both.”




His unique approach to fatherhood:


“I’m great at changing nappies! My tip is to grab both ankles with one hand, then lift the bottom with the other. It’s called the two-ankle grip. I invented it….”




The issue of Time Out hits the shops today for more on Coldplay!

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