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i am not sure what the song is (because yousendit won't let me download) but this sounds like a song by Guster. Their first album (or at least I believe it was their first album) was called Parachute. It was released in 98, so before Coldplay's Parachutes in case anyone got tempted to say Guster were copying Coldplay ;) Again, I am not 100% sure whether you meant that song but I got their version once too when I tried to find Parachutes by Coldplay.

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certainly not. They are from the States and were kind of big on the East Coast. Developed from a College band as far as I know. used to love their music but they got too poppy.


you check out some songs under Multimedia. parachutes is not one of them but I recomment Demons, which is my favorite song ever by that band. They have a song called "Amsterdam" too. What's up with bands naming their songs Amsterdam? :lol:

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