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opinions of EIL Coldplay autographs...is this the real deal?


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Hello everyone out there in Coldplay Land..


Just wanted to get your opinion of the online store EIL. It carries several things by several groups.


One thing I've noticed is it does carry some autographed item by Coldplay. Has anyone purchased from them before and can vouch for it's authenticity?


Any thoughts on this is most welcome!




Florida, USA

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EIL or Espirit as they are known, have a reputation in the UK as a good collector record & CD shop. They do sell many rare & collectable CD's and they seem to have good contacts from around the world. To some people their prices may seem a bit high and you may find items cheaper elsewhere.

As for autographs, who can guarentee it's authenticity unless you get items personally signed and know they are real. The bands autographs don't look that hard to forge and I'm sure there are lots of fakes on e-bay for sale. EIL seem to have good contacts on the collectors market so I'm sure they are more likely to be genuine than other places.

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