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X&Y Special on CBC Radio


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Hey guys,


This info might only be truly useful to Canadian Coldplay fans but I thought everyone might want to hear about it anyway!


I just heard the most fantastic CBC Radio show on X&Y: the Coldplay edition of "I Hear Music". The host did a really thorough and thoughful critical analysis, mainly focusing on why many early Coldplay fans seem to be disapointed by this album.


He played tracks by Radiohead and U2 to give the Coldplay tracks grounding in the genres of alternative rock and pop-rock (respectively), as well as playing tracks from all three Coldplay albums to illustrate the evolution of their sound.


He had a lot of great things to say from a more technical musical standpoint as well. I found the whole show really refreshing, with the album being looked at with a different point of view, and one that didn't hesitiate to point out some of Coldplay's weaker aspects with this album, as well the supposed dilemma of their musical direction.


So, I don't know if it will be repated anytime soon, I've checked the website and couldn't find much, but this is just for everyone (esp. Canadians, I suppose) to keep an ear out. Maybe we'll all be lucky and someone somehow got mp3s of the show?


If people missed it and want to know more about what was covered, I can maybe jot down a few of the main points for everyone to look at!


Thanks a lot, everyone! :)


(Haha I'm really coming out of hiding with this post!)

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