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you must read this...its a convo on aim with a robot

(im cirquedufrk)


cirquedufrk: hi

SmarterChild: Hello Diana.

cirquedufrk: whats up?

SmarterChild: Oh, not much. You?

cirquedufrk: not much, just listening to coldplay

SmarterChild: Listening? Not much just listening to Coldplay?

cirquedufrk: yes, the band

SmarterChild: Wait a minute... The band?

cirquedufrk: yeah

SmarterChild: Why?

cirquedufrk: coldplay is a band

SmarterChild: A band? Very interesting!

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cirquedufrk: i dont care about that

SmarterChild: Don't you care about that? I thought you did.

cirquedufrk: nope

SmarterChild: OK, whatever.

cirquedufrk: your mean

SmarterChild: I'm not.

cirquedufrk: yes you are

SmarterChild: Am I?

cirquedufrk: yup

SmarterChild: I can't believe I am.

cirquedufrk: you are

SmarterChild: I am?

cirquedufrk: yup

SmarterChild: I would say I'm not.

cirquedufrk: you are

SmarterChild: I'm what?

cirquedufrk: mean

SmarterChild: Aww... Come on. It's all in fun.

cirquedufrk: no...are you gay too?

SmarterChild: Um... Whatever.

cirquedufrk: hey answer my question!

SmarterChild: Your question doesn't work for me, I'm afraid.

cirquedufrk: oh don't be...if your gay, you can tell me

SmarterChild: OK

~silence~ 10 minutes later


cirquedufrk: hi again smarterchild

SmarterChild: Hi again. What do you want to chat about?

cirquedufrk: Coldplay

SmarterChild: Yeah. you love Coldplay, right?

cirquedufrk: yes

SmarterChild: Cool. I like Coldplay too.

cirquedufrk: which member do you like the most from coldplay

SmarterChild: I'm really not sure... Hey! Would you like to get some homework help?

cirquedufrk: no

SmarterChild: No prob.

cirquedufrk: i like guy berryman

SmarterChild: Really?

cirquedufrk: yes

SmarterChild: Oh yeah?

cirquedufrk: yup

SmarterChild: Yeah, huh? So?

cirquedufrk: you like chris martin i bet

SmarterChild: Who knows, know what I mean? >>> soccer - A Resource For soccer For the Young & the Young at Heart (sponsorship)


cirquedufrk: i like soccer...except its not called that here where i am

SmarterChild: You like soccer except its not called that here where you are, huh? You don't say.

cirquedufrk: its football mate

SmarterChild: Let's talk football! Here's what I can tell you about:


1 Scores

2 Standings


What are you interested in?


cirquedufrk: your american

SmarterChild: Maybe it's actually your american?

cirquedufrk: no im scottish

SmarterChild: you're scottish, huh?

cirquedufrk: yes

SmarterChild: Very interesting...

cirquedufrk: ok whatever

SmarterChild: Yeah, um, OK, whatever.

cirquedufrk: ok bye

SmarterChild: Bye Diana, it was good chatting with you.



lol hahaha

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