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Local NJ Newspaper Article About PNC Show 9/3


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As I c&p this, a show on tv behind me is blaring the beginning to "Yellow"...I think it's something on VH-1. Ok, enough of that...on with the article:


Coldplay's "Logic" is about pleasing fans

Published in the Asbury Park Press 09/7/05




The band's current world tour may be called "Twisted Logic," but everything made perfect sense during Coldplay's show Saturday night at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel.


While it may be argued that the English quartet is just as well known for frontman Chris Martin's high-profile image as husband to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay proved it could put on an entertaining set filled with satisfying visual images. Backlit by colored video screens, the band started the show with, appropriately enough, "Square One," the first track on its latest album, "X&Y."


Dressed entirely in black, Martin was flanked by bassist Guy Berryman, guitarist Jonny Buckland and drummer Will Champion. It was Martin, though, who commanded the audience's attention throughout the 90-minute-plus gig. Between furiously bouncing on a stool as he played piano, hopping on one foot and crawling around onstage, Coldplay's lead singer oozed enthusiasm and energy. While his reed-thin voice occasionally strained during some of the higher notes, it seemed to grow stronger as the night progressed.


Highlights of the show included several cuts from the band's sophomore release, "A Rush of Blood to the Head," including "Politik" and "Clocks," as well as new cuts "Talk," "Speed of Sound" and "Fix You." The stark black stage was stripped down even further when Coldplay performed a Johnny Cash tribute, which included a rendition of "Ring of Fire." The band also performed "Til Kingdom Comes," a bonus track on "X&Y" that reportedly was written by the band for Cash, who died before he could record it.


The band employed nonstop visual images throughout the show, including several video screens alternating between close-up shots of each member and pans of the crowd. At one point, the band borrowed fans' digital cameras and took pictures of the audience. During "Yellow," giant balloons (yep, they were yellow) floated through the amphitheater. As Martin began popping them, yellow confetti flew through the air.


And, in a most welcome surprise for attendees further away from the stage, Martin raced into the crowd (with security guards chasing after him) and finished singing "In My Place" in the midst of obviously thrilled fans.


As the band wrapped up its encore, it became abundantly clear that Martin and company know exactly what concert audiences want — and they more than delivered it.


Rilo Kiley, a sextet from Los Angeles, opened the show. Lead by singer Jenny Lewis (who was wearing a '60s-style mini-dress), the band ripped through its set with both enthusiasm and modesty. The band's sound — a mixture of country, rock and folk — was infused by keyboards, a trumpet and harmonica.



Taken From [ http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050907/ENT/509070384/1031/COMMUNITY ]

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I must say I was at this concert saturday night and let me say IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT I EVER WENT TO. From the sound to lighting to visual. They really were AWESOME.


Sidenote* I seen them Wednesday at MSG and well it was a great show too PNC was much better overall.

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