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Mark Romanek Directed Speed of Sound?


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I'm a huge fan of Mark Romanek, and I've been infinitely excited about getting a copy of his Directors Label disc from UMVD last week -- the box set with Romanek also includes ones from Anton Corbijn (U2, Depeche Mode, Nirvana), Jonathan Glazer (Radiohead, Massive Attack), and Stephane Sednaoui (Bjork, Tricky). If anyone hasn't heard of it, it's quite possibly the coolest DVD box set released this year.


In the midst of my ranting about Romanek, I noticed online that he directed the Speed of Sound video -- haven't seen it, is it good? One Hour Photo was on TV the other night, and I remembered how good Romanek was with color and light.


Oh, here's a write-up from Anti-Music on what I'm ranting about:


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Guest LiquidSky

You haven't seen the Speed of Sound video yet? Boy! You need to! I loved it.. :wink:


PS: You did post in the wrong sec, so gonna move it :wink:

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