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[2005] concert experience- minneapolis


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First, I realize I should've probably posted this right after it happened. The concert was over a month ago, and I still haven't talked about it on here!

First of all, it was amazing! One of the best nights of my life. I went with my sister, who loves the band as well (her favorite), and she even said the concert was better than the Green Day concert she went to the previous Friday. It started out with a very long set change after Rilo Kiley. They were pretty good, but as you know, it's not why I was there.

Our seats were decent. Row Z on the the main level right beside the stage. Row Z doesn't sound very appealing, but it's actually quite perfect. Easy access to the stairs, not too close to the speakers.

When the boys finally ran out, I was SO happy that Jon was on our side. My favorite, after all. They started out with Square One, which was a great way to start off the show. Chris jumping around so early in the show, sets the tone, and energy. Next was Politik. At the end of that song, Chris improvises on the piano and it is amazing. I wish I could remember it exactly so I could try and play it myself.

The setlist handed out before the show didn't match up at all. The songs they played, were:

Square One


God Put a Smile upon your Face

Speed of Sound



The Scientist

Till Kingdom Come


IN my Place

Fix You

Swallowed in the Sea



White Shadows

Green Eyes

Everything's not lost


Very impressive set list. (that wasn't the exact order, though). They way they end with Fix You is bone-chilling, especially with the added words at the end to announce their exit. I was very pleased to hear them play Green Eyes and Trouble, which are two out of my top five. Among the others are The Scientist (naturally), Fix You and Yellow.

When they played Yellow, big yellow balloons fell from the ceiling and when popped, gold glitter fell out. At the end of the song Chris ended with "And all the things that yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu-c'mon burst those balloons. yooooooooooou-c'mon burst 'em! youuuuuuu-ah forget it. Dooooo"


Loved every Single minute of it, mainly because I could sing along with every single song. When they played The Scientist, of course it was goosebump city. The end where he sings "oooh" he had the audience play a role too. He would do a variation of "oooh" and then the audience would echo. It was amazing. I nearly cried.


Their rendition of Clocks was off the hook. SO energetic, just crazy. At the end those 4 measures we all know so well were played over and over and kept getting faster. I was sure Guy and Jonny were going to pic their fingers to nothing, Will was going to bang his arms off, and Chris was going to go into comatose just from banging his head.


Overall, an abso-bloody-lutely incredible concert. I couldn'tve been happy. I can't wait for them to come back!

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I went to the same gig (with my sister too, imagine that!) and had row 22 seats.


Anyway, I totally agree with everything you said! It was such a pure adreneline rush from start to finish...Best time of my life!


Oh, and during Politik, it was something about the hurricane relief in New Orleans I believe...I think someone posted the exact lines a while ago

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