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What's the deal with the exclaimation marks on ITunes?


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Well, I do a search and they are no where to be found. Every day there are new exclaimation marks beside other songs and they won't play anymore. Sure would like to know what the heck is going on. All that great Coldplay boots from the past that are no longer uploaded on the share files are now gone. :huh: :/

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use ipod agent to rip the songs off.the exclaimation mark appears if the file path changes.for example if you open the file in itunes then move the file to another folder it cannot read the path because it has changed.

there has been a few times with mine though that songs dissappear off my ipod and i dont know how it just skips to the next song.and for some reason every now and then my i tunes simply dissappears off the computer.

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