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Venues without pre-sales? Wait a minute!


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From the http://www.coldplay.com site (under New/Latest/Pre-sale Updates for us & Australia):


4 dates that aren't Ticketmaster will also now have a pre-sale but this won't be part of the lottery system as there is 1 single password. We will mail these links with the password to all US subscribers on Wed with all general sale information and news of special ticket auctions.


This, IMHO, is not good news. Namely:


1/ If by 'all US subscribers' they mean all US fan club members, this process is wide open to scalpers.


2/ If by 'all US subscribers' they mean US fan club members who registered to get these venues, then these fans have been really screwed. The password will be easy enough to get from various sources (including bastards on ebay who will sell it to you), and your registration will be essentially lost. You could have used it for another venue.


3/ Unless the 'special ticket auctions' proceeds are going to charity, it's the equivalent of scalping by the band themselves.

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