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  1. will is precious and we must protect him at all costs. here is a snippet of his backing vocals from the 5.1 rip I extracted.
  2. i'm fairly sure that leaks are not allowed to be shared on these forums
  3. If you want to get some promotion on a bigger forum, you can try the Coldplay Discord Server. There are more people over there and it's more active as it's more of a place to text about Coldplay instead of a forum board.
  4. The fillipino TV broadcast was just a re-broadcast of the Canadian performance. So much for it being "special" and "exclusive". I spent 2 and 1/2 hours in VC with 30 other people waiting for the performance to air and we all just exploded after realizing it was a re-run after seeing the first two shots of the video.
  5. more news! the shotlist from the barcelona shoot has been found on the floor of the filming location. zooming in, we can make out that Epiphane will be involved and that a new language will probs be introduced. also a shotlist with markers for a lot of the shot and a possible mention of BTS has been found. (we cant say if it really is bts because its blurry but its very likely.) https://twitter.com/LoverinjapanMar/status/1413503904248070152?s=20
  6. incoming... i guess Phil's announcement of something new soon was true. or of course another performance of Higher Power.
  7. About the Superbowl, Will revealed during a masterclass about their concerts that Coldplay's set was also all pre-recorded besides the vocals. Apparently the NFL just makes all the artists use pre-recorded stuff so they don't mess anything up during the peformance.
  8. true. we would need a higher quality recording then an audience recording to tell if it's a pre-recorded vocal track.
  9. so far, all of the HP performances in NYC have used playback for the love choir.
  10. I can see them playing this only in small venues, a radio appearance or on a livestream on instagram or something
  11. I prefer the first music video to be honest. Just feels more natural.
  12. Two things: 1. Hot intro 2. I don't think viewer attention will survive the MOTS intro and they will click off before HP begins.
  13. they also said they were gonna play Life is For Living but they didn't 😭
  14. like a high note? If so, Chris held an 18 second high note at the end of 42 in Singapore back in 2008. This is also the same version on LRLRL
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