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  1. For me, whenever I bring up Coldplay they mostly go “yes. I know them.” And then sing paradise over and over again. So I think that my current generation have softened up a bit for pop Coldplay.
  2. Wonder how Stephen and the others are going recording all the interviews they guys have been on today. Hope they're succeeding and they post a giant forum thread with links to each!
  3. can we talk about how thankful we all should be that the woah oh isnt as obnoxious as it is in the song then it was on tiktok
  4. Wonder how y'all gonna record stuff if their happening at the same time. And yes I think I would love to see the calender of stuff lol. Thanks!
  5. Anyone here planning to record the radio broadcasts and interviews? I would love to have recordings of the stuff happening over the weekend in my collection!
  6. Someone record this while I stress over my test at school 😭
  7. I hope someone is able to record this episode of American Idol and will be willing to share it! I also hope that they will air the show in 5.1 so we can mess around with the mix!
  8. peeps theres a new spotify playlist by cp but u probs already know that...
  9. Okay but what if the (highly speculated) Coldplay x BTS collab is actually a prog rock masterpiece?
  10. i just took a full read of it after i bookmarked it then i read the last line lol.
  11. idk if this has been posted here yet but... https://thetab.com/uk/london/2021/04/01/coldplay-to-move-back-to-ramsay-hall-for-inspiration-40087 only source that has posted about it. but to be fair the article only came out an hour ago.
  12. not technically glastonbury... but it is on the farm lol.
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