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  1. Some more isolated live vocal mixes. thanks to the wonderful @dvntpxnic who got hold of the 2011 Today show gigs and forwarded it to me. @I ran away Will get the Canada 2006 5.1 asap. VLV (NY2011} Vox.mp3 CB {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Instrumental.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Paradise (NY2011) Vox.mp3
  2. Aye cp won the VMA! (this is probably the wrong forum to put this in but idk where else to post this.)
  3. its really simple but I can only do it with 5.1 sources. Good thing is that whoever mixes CP live tends to put the vocals on the centre channel! Strange that not many people are analysing their 5.1 rips cuz theres lots of stuff in there to learn.
  4. here's the center vocal mix of Fix You from that gig. They also turned up Will in the choruses. Still one of my fav performances of the song especially on the choruses but maybe it's just the vocal processing... center fix you canada 2006.mp3
  5. The Rockband stems will probably not be available or it will be a while before they are because the devs of the game have recently tightened up their copy protection due to copyright reasons. You can however access all available stems from this link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12iz0nl0ZrPl1oH3B3m2i6K7bxFM0NXAF?usp=sharing
  6. they should go all out on the space theme and record their set in area 51 with them aliens dancing around them.
  7. my bet is that they're just gonna play the hits and call it a day.
  8. 5. Selling bootlegs is a big "middle finger" to the collector community so it's usually frowned upon. Selling bootlegs is also legally 10 times worse then just sharing it as it has gone from copyright that most labels and artists don't care about to copyright that they do care about because your making money off their material which they are supposed to be entitled too. That's why when you upload a video on youtube with a song under a label, they will often block it or take all the money it produces. 6. I wouldn't know. Probably because their stuff is extrememly rare but if the label finds out and they're the type to aggressively crackdown on copyright (eg. Eagles bootleg material) they will not let it continue.
  9. 1. They exist because peeps like me (a completetionist) have the means to record them via a TV or the internet or however else they came. Some of them even like to share or trade their recordings if it's a recording not many people have. 2. Very uncommon in the bootleg world if there is enough demand for it. Though obscure recordings (mostly audience recordings) are rarer because there isn't a demand for it or the person isn't releasing it and waiting for a trade. Basically, once a bootleg is shared, it is bound to be spread around becoming less rare. 3. Some won't share them due to them not knowing how to share it or they are waiting for a trade. I think it would be safe to assume that the person running the CPBootlegs site didn't gather all those recordings themselves, but rather got them while they were still available in the past. They're are the only with some of that stuff that we are aware of but there's probably more out there that have it that aren't on the forums are stopped being so serious about Coldplay. 4. Usually so they can get more trades. Hope this helps!
  10. time to pray that the devs of the game went chill lax on the DRM so we can get just kinda grab them stems without anyone noticing. would love to hear the vocal mix for COTW...
  11. Any chance for a dark mode? I liked the previous dark mode but i'm not sure how you would apply for this design. The default mode is amazing nonetheless!
  12. No. You might be talking about LeftRightLeftRightLeft which was recorded around the world in 2008. Barcelona was recorded in 2009 so it wasn't included.
  13. There was period earlier in the year before all of the COVID lockdowns where a family member got really sick suddenly. I had a spotify playlist with Life in Technicolor ii (specifically the live version recorded in London near Christmas in 2008 that was on the single edition of LiTii) and idk... Something about it makes me remember that time. Perhaps it's the lyrics and themes of a war even though the instrumental is playful and "not depressing". Every time I hear it just makes me think about it so it's kinda hard to listen to it now. The person is okay now but it's hard to listen to that song without being sad sitting in a hospital room.
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