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Old setlist request.


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I've been looking for setlists for a few gigs in the october tour in 2002. Can someone help.


As far as I can remember, they were the same, but I'm looking for the lists for Bournemouth, Plymouth and Port Talbot. I've google searched for them, and found a fantasitc setlist site for Coldplay, but they don't have those dates. Can someone just confirmthe lists for me.


Thanks loads.

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Did you go to the Truro gig? :blush:


God, we almost did. If I'd thought it wouldn't have gotten me sacked from work I would have gone, but I had no holiday left, and people at work know me well enough, they would have guessed if I'd pulled a sickie. But we were very nearly on that train... :lol:


I discovered easytoplease.net yesterday, and was very impressed, but they didn't have setlists for those three. I suppose they were the same as the ones before and after, but I just wanted to check. Thanks tho'.

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