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Wasn't sure what to call this thread...


but i've been thinking of the thoughts/ideas/opinions

that were going through people's heads when coldplay's

singles were coming out. prior to x&y's release i barely

listened to them but once i caught up and speed of sound

was released i realized there were always different kinds of

hype surrounding the songs.


like with speed of sound people were saying how it was

too much like clocks yet will constantly talked about how

it was a bridge from the last record...


not sure what was the hype with fix you..


or talk..


so lets talk about the singles all the way from Shiver

to the upcoming 3rd single Talk...


and please don't let this turn into some heated bullshit..

I wanna hear what people were really thinking about

these songs when they came out.

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I felt like all of X&Y's singles represented some similarity to A Rush of Blood's singles.


For example:


As you suggested, Speed of Sound's piano riff and rhythm was very much like Clocks, but I think that they're alot different and I love the chorus of Speed of Sound cause its so mind-blowing. This was basically the single that caught my attention of Coldplay and changed the way I listen and play music.


Fix You was similar to The Scientist to me and are both heart-breaking type songs....This was the type of single that showed the second side of Coldplay....one being the great attention to melodies and brilliant rythmic sounds (Speed of Sound and Clocks) and the second side being slow, touching and uplifting (Fix You and The Scientist).


Talk is similar again slightly showing a bit of their GPUSUYF and In My Place type of music hype, all being once again great, memorable songs. That's why I'm so excited to see Talk as a single because it will be yet another successful song in the music industry and a great target for more fans for the band.


Yah, thats all I've got to say, I hope that helps?

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