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Worship Blood


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"Basically Chris has been working really hard," explains Jonny. "Any time he gets off he just picks up the guitar and starts some new stuff. We had some stuff that we hadn't finished by the time we recorded the album, so those ideas were already there. Ever since then whenever we go into the rehearsal studio we don't really rehearse we just try and write new stuff.

"We've been playing Animals and In My Face live since October and we're getting more ideas about how we're going to record them. They've been going down quiet well and they're quite different for us. It's a bit unfair for me to talk about them because Chris wrote them. All I can say is I like them."



While Jonny can't really discuss the lyrical nature of the songs (Chris is the sole lyricist) he has noticed a change in his playing style.



"Animals is quite dark and In My Place is more rhythmic than I've done before," claims the softly spoken Welshman. "There's also a new song called Worship Blood which is the first one I've played using the 335. It's dead simple and again more rhythmic. Playing the 335 was a new experience for me. It's the loudest guitar I've ever played and so versatile that it made me choose different notes. But don't worry, although it's a loud guitar and some of the songs are heavier, I'm not doing any tapping!"

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