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Quote a Judge in Idol


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In the norwegian idol a guy was performing In My Place and another guy was perfoming Trouble. It was the final, with 11 competitors left.

After the guy had finished In My Place, without any big troubles, the panel of judges was going to say their opinions.


And one of them was saying:

"..Coldplay is the most boring band ever, and In My Place is the most boring song ever.." and so on. "..Chris Martin is a crosspatch.." "..have anyone ever laught at a coldplay-concert? No.." "..Chris Martin got a childish voice.." There was no ending of his chat ;)


and everyone was laughing at him . hahah.

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well,of course nobody's perfect,neither Coldplay,and people don't like them,it's normal...but this comment...well...there are 2 reasons why he did say this:


1. he doesn't like Coldplay,because he's a big fan of Crazy Frog and he was disappointed when Coldplay sold more albums than that froggy


2. he was angry because he realized that his wife has a lover and she cheated on him...but don't forget that she also likes Coldplay...no wait! she adores Coldplay!!! and thinks that Chris Martin is the sexiest vegetarian on the earth or it's Thom Yorke?hmmmm :thinking:


so i mean he has a big mouth and says bullshit sometimes...

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