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New York 27th - Request for help


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Staying in a hotel near central park, New York but need to get to the nassau colluisuem on 27th March, anyone any idea on the best and safest way to get bewteen the two places (particularly after the gig)? We have no access to a car and it looks to me as though its a train and taxi job?



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a taxi will cost you an arm and a leg.. your best bet is to take a cab or the subway to Penn Station... take the Long Island Railroad to Hempstead... and take a bus from there.... Nassau Colliseum is about 10 minutes from that train stop.. you might even be able to pull another cab from the Hempstead depot.... its the last stop on that particular line.



hope that helps..


good luck

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Check this URL:




And click on BY TRAIN, it popup this info:


RAILROAD: 516-822-5477 and 718-217-5477.

Take the Long Island Railroad to Hempstead train station, walk one (1) block to the Hempstead Bus Terminal. Take either the N70, N71, or N72, which will drop you off on Hempstead Turnpike opposite the Nassau Colisem, or take the Long Island Railroad to Westbury train station at which there are no buses available.




I'm going also to the coliseum but on sunday.

I think that this is the cheaper option, 'cause taking a cab from Central park its reallly reallly expensive!!!:stunned:


Hope this helps! :D

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