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different or similar?

Gitta Rensolo

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I sometimes try to consider a phenomen:


Who fits better or what do you think will have a "longer future" in a relation ship:

People who are quite similar to each other or people who are really different?


From what I have observed I think people who are quite different......for example my aunt and uncle....my uncle is more the quiet and shy character and my aunt is the opposite....but they are happy.......

there are more examples........but just to show you what i mean......


I think partners should complement each other.....but that shouldn't mean that I think about someone who is quite similar to me that he wouldn't fit to me......no........but from the things I observed I got the opinion that people seem to have to complement each other......


Another example is this:

If the partners are both shy.......then......I think it wouldn't work as good as if one was shy and the other one outgoing.....


well.....I think I repeated myself......now....

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its true that opposites do attract. i could agree with you on that one. you never know what will happen next...but sometimes people who like the same kind of things can hit it off really well too. depends on the people i guess. for instance the guy that im chasing atm is more like me because he enjoys some of the things i enjoy too yet he's mysterious so i have to keep guessing. or there's the other guy whos the total opposite of me and i find him very boring and lacking that charisma


ha come to think of it actually.....its in the charisma

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