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  1. If you decide to pop pills again = friendship over this makes me cry but if its the only way you'll see then it has to be done sorry
  2. I love rainy days- we are in level 5 water restrictions!!!!!!!! we neeeeed water!! What was the last thing you got angry about?
  3. La Musique- Riot In Belgium (great dance track!)
  4. A few coldplay moments have happened to me.... 1. I was forever trying to get my friends into Coldplay, but alas none of them really liked them much (they're missing out on sooo much)......but my best friend Amelia picked my up from my house a few nights ago, and i get into her car to the sound of warning sign......i look at her and just smile, and she says to me "yeah i feel like coldplay okay, dont hold it against me"---- at that moment i knew i had converted, i couldnt stop grinning :) 2. Watched a colplay 'top 5' on one of the music channels today....started to smile without realising it, and then my mum payed me out 3. once apon a time i asked a guy from work out for coffee on the pure fact that he looked exactly like chris martin as a college boy...(sorta like in shiver clip) hehehe sad i know
  5. when i go out somewhere really special id like to think im an 8 1/2 or 9........lately ive been feeling about a 5 or 6
  6. ipods are so fab!! thats pretty cool to get it engraved...now no one can claim it as their own
  7. Single..and loving it?? well actually its fun for a while and then it just gets a bit tiring, not complaining however a lad would be nice at times, though its not such a big issue that i think about it constantly...if that makes sense
  8. woah!! i think i need to sign up for this boredom club, being on holidays with nothing to do IS very boring. its so weird i havent been on here in a whole month!! aww i feel like such a stranger now :(
  9. YOOOOU are sooo beautiful tooo mee...cant you see *sings* im thinking about how bloody champion my mate rhys aka rhysie is, that boy looks out for me!!!! love him for it
  10. burritos and pasta Australia has how many states and territories?
  11. order- in dance music or heavy metal
  12. 12.57 currently changing the cd in my cd player and turning the volume button clockwise :)
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