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[Isle Of Wight] It's All Go For Festival


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Up to 59,999 people, including artists and staff, will be able to attend the event at Seaclose Park on June 9, 10 and 11.


Headlined by The Prodigy, Foo Fighters and Coldplay, organisers said they expected to sell around 50,000 tickets.


Following concerns from some residents about noise, anti-social behaviour and drink-related crime, organiser John Giddings agreed to end the event at 1am on Monday, June 12, not 2am as initially applied for. He also agreed to a condition banning alcohol sales in the main arena after the live music had finished.


On Friday and Saturday recorded music and alcohol sales will be allowed until 2am on other parts of the site, which organisers said they hoped would reduce the large number of people leaving the site after the live acts finished.


That will be at 11pm on Friday, midnight on Saturday and 11pm on Sunday.

Noise monitors will be placed around the site in an attempt to limit the impact on residential areas and the council will have the power to stop performances if noise levels exceed agreed levels.


Fairlee resident and IW Council member for Pan Geoff Lumley raised concerns about the increase in numbers of people attending, from around 40,000 last year to a potential 60,000 this year.


However, Mr Giddings argued that the increase in the numbers of people attending was matched by an increase in the size of the site, which now incorporated a second Medina High School sports field.


"If you want to attract international artists of this calibre, then you have to pay them, so by definition you need that many people," he said.


Following concerns raised about security by one Fairlee resident, who told the meeting her home had been broken into during one festival, Mr Giddings said he hoped police would concentrate more resources on protecting people outside the site this year.


"The police are the only people that I know who you can pay tens of thousands of pounds to for a service and you do not have a say in what they do.


"Residents should be protected. The only way this festival will be sustainable is if the urban area which surrounds it is properly protected by the police," said Mr Giddings.


After the meeting he said he was very, very happy at the council's decision to grant a licence.


He added: "We know that we need to pay particular attention to the residents of Fairlee Road and we will do that."


Member for Fairlee Cllr Dawn Cousins, who under licensing rules was unable to speak at the meeting, later said she would continue to tackle any problems faced by residents.


Council leader Andy Sutton said the event had helped to introduce the Island to a new generation of visitors.


"With events like this, we are changing the profile of tourism and giving the Island an international status," he added.


Source: http://www.iwcp.co.uk

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