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Those little little moments...

Gitta Rensolo

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....that make you say awww.....you know them?


I had one this evening...


I have been in my room and practised my saxophon...I played "in the mood" and I enjoye it sooo much....after that I realised that I did a good job...that I was good...I was so proud....I realised that I am born for something like that:lol:


I went downstairs with a big smile upon my face.....my mum saw me and asked "Haha...what's the matter with you now?"


great feeling.....for this little short moment i forgot everything around me and just felt good....awwwwwwwwwwwww..........:daisy:

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Guest Grace

mhhh ... i like those moments ... it's when i'm listening to a song i used to like and then remember how great that song actually is :)


i loooove that feeling :D it always puts a big grin on my face :D:D

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