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  1. The Skin I Live In 5/10 did not like the plot and the ending was bit too soap opera-ish...I give 5 for cinematography,score and cast. I am 100% positive Breaking Down will be incredibly silly, but probably gonna see it, for good laughs :D and we're safe from dirty looks,as in my country there are no Twihards believe it or not.
  2. Harry Potter' director David Yates developing 'Doctor Who' feature film http://insidemovies.ew.com/2011/11/14/doctor-who-david-yates/ I think this might be interesting for you, but I also think the idea is rotten :P
  3. Miles Kane- Colour of the Trap listening since it's release and the intensity has not changed :)
  4. Charlie Brown! easily the best song on the album.
  5. Am i the only one who thinks Florence looks like Noel Fielding? :)) especially in the video when Noel does Wuthering heights for Comic Relief.
  6. Apart from Coldplay... The Wombats Two Door Cinema Club Dresden Dolls The Coral Fleetwood Mac.
  7. Parachutes at 23.08 % ??? are you mad? It's probably their best! at least for everyone who tuned in from the very start. Don't get me wrong, i love their later albums too. I voted for MX, while it does include some quality songs, like Charlie Brown, in overall it fails to impress. I was thinking between XY and MX, but went for the latter. XY is sort of transition album where in songs like Message, Speed of Sound, Swallowed in the Sea and Til Kingdom Come the old sound keeps popping up. Viva la Vida is dramatically different , but still I think it was a brilliant effort. MX is sort of on the same platform musically as Viva La Vida, but for me it fails to meet the quality of their previous LP. p.s I still love the fact that after decade Coldplay manages to pull off decent songs. So i can totally look forward to their next work.
  8. I'm not sure about being all time best but definitely the best from MX. I totally loved Moving to Mars and expected the song to be included in the album, but it never happened :)
  9. Talk to you later!

  10. That's right. We just went for our shortened names later, but we had a laugh first 2 or 3 classes. It was really nice to chat with you, but now i really have to go and get that much needed sleep. It's 2:20 am here and would not like to scare away my collages with bloodshot eyes appearance tomorrow. ;) c u around.

  11. Haha, here when people have the same first name in classrooms a lot of the time they're referred to as their name and the first letter of their last name.

  12. yeah, but once it was three of us in the class and our trainer got really confused trying to figure it out who was who :D

  13. Oh, that's cool. :surprised:

  14. In Republic of Georgia the name is very common. We had "Kind Tamara" in 12-th century, she's like Elizabeth I for us. She's also one of our saints. So the name is very popular. p.s i keep screwing up my English so no worries ;)

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