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Squared Circle


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The squared circle of professional wrestling is the ring where the match takes place (at least initially and primarily)....


i want to learn if you're interested in wrestling especially the professional wrestling (the one where the participants create an entertainment show simulating a combat sporting match)..

the other night i saw a match and it seemed funny but it is too stupidi think, i mean i wouldn't be a participiant :)



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Are you guys spamming a brand new thread?..


Yeah, i don't like wrestling. I mean, don't get the point, people want to hurt each other...Hmm...No, don't understand it, I'd never be a participant.

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^ Yeah and Giant Haystacks. Used to love it when they got together' date=' as all they would do is bash their stomachs together!![/quote']


yeah there really happens funny scenes within a match..some of them are coming into my mind (e.g. jumping on others) but i think my english won't let me go :)

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