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Real World Paris


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omg i saw it last night




malorie-booootiful funny she seems really nice and she plays soccer wooho

simon-sexy and it isnt fair because hes gay....god he seems sooo nice..and he stylish..hes from wicklow ireland...near dublin

adam-obsessive and cocky and pysco yet cute and lovable

ace- ohhh so cute because hes the only guy whos southern accent it to DIE for..hes sooo cute cuz he doesnt like fighting and he seems really genuine

leah-obsessed with ace...but who wouldnt be...she seems nice and fiesty

christina-hyper pretty and yea and she rocks because she thinks like me that boobs are overrated


and there is another guy but my mum and i can figger it out!!! argh!!

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oh god i just hope this real world is a lot better then last season in las vegas. that was the WORST. chicago was the greatest one!


Yeah, I didn't like the Vegas season, either. They couldn't stay out of the sack long enough to be interesting. Speaking of Chicago, Kyle from that cast is on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives (yes, I'm ashamed to admit I watch that :oops: :D ). His acting needs a lot of work....


The Real World Paris is so far shaping up to be pretty good. Simon is a cutie! Even though he's gay, he'll be a little bit of eye candy this season! ;) :D

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ok here's my take on the real world paris: SOOOOOOOOOO much better than skanky ass las vegas season, that had to be the worst real world season EVER, but anyways, i like paris so far, seems like its going to be an interesting season and watching from previews, i dont think mallory is going to last cause she was like freaking out. Simon is a little too cute, he's a pretty boy, i think ace and chris are cute, and adam has problems but he's alright. The girls are ok also. Im looking forward to this one.


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