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Conservative Activists Call on Hastert To Resign

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Conservative Activists Call on Hastert To Resign


Conservative talk show host Michael Reagan and Citizens United President David Bossie have called on House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign immediately over his role in covering up Mark Foley’s inappropriate behavior. Reagan, the eldest son of President Reagan, was molested at age 8 by a camp counselor.


From a release:


“Speaker Hastert had knowledge of Congressman Foley’s inappropriate behavior and chose to protect a potential pedophile and powerful colleague over a congressional page,” said David Bossie, president of conservative advocacy group Citizens United.


“This inaction demonstrates a lack of leadership on Speaker Hastert’s part, and calls into question both his judgment and character. If Speaker Hastert was willing to sacrifice a child to protect Rep. Foley’s seat and his own leadership position, then he surely does not share our American and conservative values,” says Mr. Bossie. …


Michael Reagan, nationally syndicated radio show host and chairman of Citizens United’s Faith and Family Project, is also calling for resignations. “Any member of Congress who was aware of the sexual emails and protected the congressman should also resign effective immediately. I was sexually abused by a day camp counselor at age eight and also made to be part of child pornography,” Mr. Reagan stated.




This guy needs to be out of office for knowing about what was going on and not doing anything about it. He protected a sick man and should not be in office.

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