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Live 8 Costs Ate Up Three-Quarters Of Profits


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Musical charity extravaganza Live 8 cost $14.6 million to stage leaving a profit of $4.7 million, according to figures just released.


New accounts relating to the event organised by Sir Bob Geldof and U2 singer Bono to raise awareness of African poverty show the ten gigs held around the world ate up the majority of the funds raised.


The concerts last year featured many of the planet’s biggest artists, including Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney and Coldplay - although the notable absence of artists of African origin drew criticism.



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But the main idea of live 8 was to call the atention of people so they can move to act and to press their politicians to drop the cebt and send help to pooor countries. This event was massive and one of the most important days ever.


And there were african singers in the concert made in South Africa, I think that if they would've put more african singers, most of the people wouldn't got interested cause they don't know them.

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