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Coldplay #61 in WXPN's 885 Greatest Artists Of All Time Countdown!!!


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WXPN, a radio station based in Philadelphia is counting down the 885 greatest artists of all time (as voted on by the listeners) and Coldplay is #61!! Beating the likes of Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Queen, The Police, Oasis, AC/CD and many more!!!! This is an amazing position. Remember, it's not out of 100, it's 885!!!!


They played 3 songs: Yellow, Politik, and Moses. But oddly enough the website says they played Yellow, Clocks and Talk (but they didn't...I'm listening to this right now)


It was SO cool to hear Politik and Moses on the radio! They both sounded great! I was expecting to hear Clocks, Speed Of Sound, Fix You or Talk...but WXPN completely surprised me!!!



Here's the link for the countdown:







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no, it says "yellow, politik, moses"

it doesnt say clocks and talk...


http://www.xponentialmusic.org/vote/ this link actually works:D


They switched it litterally a minute after I posted this. The DJ mentioned the mistake on air and said that he was originally going to play those songs, but changed his mind last minute for two better ones (good choice!)





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