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  1. angelikaaaa...bist du noch da, irgendwo? würd so gern wieder mal mit dir quatschen ;p warst du in der stadthalle?!

  2. Awwww how adorable! Gosh, Chris must have hated the fact that they were photographed (in case he noticed). I remember the last time I saw such a cute set of photos of Chris and his kids were his last visit at the zoo with little Apple =) He must enjoy it, too ^^ Moses resembles his sister a lot - two lovely blondes ;)
  3. oh well, it's crazy, isn't it? one is reporting it, and soon every magazine is "confirming" it. it could be possible, the photos seem obvious (but maybe fake) to me, but it would be a truly bad timing.. but hey, there's no bad timing for the gift of life ;) I'd be damn happy for them.. she talked a lot about possible future babies recently.. but she also mentioned a possible adoption a lot.. we'll see =)
  4. oh I SO see a tiny belly there in the last pic, I bet the magazines will jump on it sooner or later =D
  5. And because you spoke of Perez Hilton before - god, I start hating him more and more (no, not just because he hates "Chrissy" and whatever comes with him, but because he can't stop talking shit): "Coldplay's new album Living La Vida Loca Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends" sold 125,000 copies its first DAY out in the UK, according to new reports. It's expected to clinch the #1 spot on the UK album chart. Easily. We're not a big fan of the album. It sucks!" Why the hell does PEREZ continue calling himself "WE" or "us"?
  6. Oh lovely =) They did the same for an Austrian music channel some years ago.. It was so much fun. Sigh, the good old days.
  7. I hate such things, seriously. This shows how the media can blow up things - to us, it's a tiny thing we discuss here, but I can already see my friends ask me tomorrow after reading the shit in some stupid tabloid: "I heard that your pussy Coldplay Chris was a diva again, huh?" Just like I keep hearing "Did you know Coldplay have a track with Kylie Minogue? How gay!" or "Chris Martin keeps talking about wanting to be as hot as Brad Pitt, right? How pathetic! What a loser." Sigh. Anyone else experiencing crap like that?
  8. I feel like Chris had a bad day AND felt offended by someone not understanding his music but pretending like he does. To be honest, the longer I listen to it, the more I'm pissed off by the interviewer. He has that arrogant sound in his voice, and in the end Chris might have thought he was meant by "the dictator leading it", facing that constant statement of "Chris is the lead and the others don't matter, Chris is a diva, blah blah".. I'm sick of it, too, and so is he.
  9. Sigh.. we all have our bad days.. and when we're confronted with such people/questions, it gets even harder..
  10. I often catch myself thinking "Would I date Chris if he wasn't the musician as we know him?" - of course, I say yes, because I adore him and what we know of him, but.. if he'd walk upon you on the streets like that, would you have banged him? =D Sigh, men DO get hotter by age.
  11. The piano version is so simple and soft and beautiful and has such a power, lyrical-wise. I hated the album version (in comparison) when I first heard it, but it's starting to grow on me. I still feel like the beautiful lines like "just because I'm losing doesn't mean I'm lost" kinda get lost in all that rhythm and sound in the album version..
  12. sigh. finally, the day is here. and it was totally worth the wait. closing the curtains. lying down. putting it in my cd player. turning up the volume. and just ENJOYING. I love it. Absolutely. I feel like it's less about Chris Martin (or his voice) this time, and more about plain, simple, beautiful music. I'm still waiting for that big "highlight" to catch my attention though. I like all of the songs, but I don't get goosebumps at all. I think it's because I heard the "Viva la Vida" song before, which would have probably been my big highlight.. I guess.. Sigh, I don't know, I have to
  13. I don't even know some of those photos yet, where can I find the original ones? Great job, by the way =) I wish I'd be talented like that.
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