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My Private collectors website Has Recently added a torrent tracker.


It is still in the early testing stages, but does seem to be working well

with the few torrents that we have used for testing the site.


The site is not as yet planned to go full Public access.


But we are looking for some new members that

know about torrents UL/DL (sorry no torrent Virgins yet !)

to help us with general testing and helping to iron out any bugs

that we might have missed etc.


If you are interested in joining the site then send me a PM


it will be ltd access to start with & plans for invited membership soon.


Only send me a pm if you know how to DL torrent / upload torrents

Ratio Watch will be inforced and hit & run downloaders will be banned.


DVD and Lossless Only. (No MP3 lossy Torrents)

Downloaders found converting lossless to MP3 will also be banned.


So, anyone interested send me a PM with general info of your torrent knowledge

ie. if you have added torrent to other sites in the past etc.


Members replying will have their names put forward to the Klub for aproval

and then will be contacted soon.


All The Best


Nitehawk ...

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