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"Seal" stars in new Jaws movie!!


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Picture: The unlucky star in a new Jaws movie


Last updated at 23:02pm on 19th November 2006

Many times in the Jaws movies, viewers have shuddered at the awesome power of the Great White Shark.

But this unfortunate cape fur seal got to experience those infamous teeth only once - and they were the last things it saw. In astonishing footage for the BBC's Planet Earth series, the 12ft shark is seen swallowing its victim in virtually a single gulp.

Such is the impact as it blasts through the surface from the deep that both hunter and prey fly six feet clear of the water.



The cape fur seal is an inquisitive and friendly animal and will often accompany scuba divers.

The dramatic ambush was captured on camera near South Africa's Seal Island, six miles from Cape Town.

Packs of Great Whites, each weighing up to a ton, hunt around the island, and the BBC's camera team filmed every stage of the grisly process for next Sunday's programme.

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