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Holding back the years


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Yeah this thread have the same name than a Simply Red song,which I really like.


And this post is just to express the fact that it was a year ago that I join to this board and like everybody seems to remember what they did in the past,which I love to do,even if is not the best thing to do,I have to say thank you too all of the member of this forum,even if I do not know all of the members,but all of them make this board possible.


Thanks to Ian to create this board and all the moderators that keep this forum in rule.


I can remember like it was yesterday,I was looking in the internet for something that fill a blank in my life,something that give me some to think and I found this place.Now a year after,this place helps me a lot and keep helping me even if I do not post as much as I used to do it.


I found people that like the music I like and with some of them I create a link.


I visit the board everyday,I do not post all the days but just to come here and see the other people comments,make me feel happy because I remember when I start to post and they comments make this board alive.



Keep the good work and continue posting here!

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