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Cornerworld Launches Coldplay Radio Juke Box


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Web Player Enables Users to Easily Browse Media


Cornerworld Corp. announced that they have launched a new web player that allows its members to easily interact with user generated audio and video. The available content also now includes the Napster music catalog of major label artists such as the music group Coldplay located at http://www.cornerworld.com/coldplay


The new Juke Box is embedded within its own browser window enabling users to listen and watch Cornerworld creations while concurrently enjoying other features within the site or throughout the web. The juke box enables the users to rate the content, share with friends through email and permanently download the media.


“Social Widgets are Viral,” said Scott Beck, Cornerworld CEO and co-founder. “CornerWorld’s new Audio Video Player enables our content to be published across many other sites. Our members now have the ability to share Cornerworld content from within the existing social communities to which they belong.”



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