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The Coldplay Timeline - Discussion


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I'm not sure if this will work out or not, but I think its a good idea that we should keep discussion of the content on Coldplay's Timeline in a seperate thread. Why? Well I for one keep thinking that a new star has been posted every time I see it bumped up to page 1. Which causes much unwanted anxiety and disappointment when it only turns out to be a complaint or a plea to Coldplay for more information (and I don't mean anyone in particular, because we've all done it, including me).


I've also made this thread because the timeline will soon be a separate part of the Coldplay.com website when the new site goes live. So then it will no longer be new stars on coldplay.com, but new stars on the coldplay time line. But I guess its fine to continue posting in the New Stars thread for that.


So basically the main purpose of this thread is to discuss a new star (or lack of a new star) and old content on the coldplay timeline, while leaving the New Stars thread exclusively for alerting people of new stars. Agreed?

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