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  1. You can visit GMA, I just don't know if you can get INSIDE until after the show is over: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/good-morning-america-times-square/story?id=12883468#.T0aIe3LlVD0 I'm not sure what the odds are of being able to get in, though...I feel like they can probably only fit a few people inside and the performance itself will probably be inside...I'm wondering whether or not I should try to go.
  2. OK, not to rain on the parade, but that's not a new video (audio) from the past week from the MusiCares event...I've had that exact audio file in my iTunes for about six years now, I'm pretty sure it's from the AROBTTH era, X&Y era at the most recent because that's when I downloaded it :\ EDIT: yeah, just checked, I added it to my iTunes on August 19, 2006 and the audio in this video is the exact same as what I have had for years... It's also exactly 2:16 just like the video.
  3. Can't wait for a full version of this! WCWIO is one of my all-time favorite songs, I'm so glad they chose to do that one :wacky: And yes: SO HAPPY THEY DID IT IN NORMAL CLOTHES (besides Guy messing everything up by still wearing the silly MX jacket :angry: :P)
  4. I don't think I could use enough :facepalm: smilies in a single post to convey how I feel about this. Respect their privacy, put yourself in their shoes and imagine how weirded out they'd be to find a piece of a tree they once owned for sale on the internet, and stop being a creep.
  5. I feel this way about most artists that I don't count myself as a fan of--I just kind of feel like everyone out there with integrity and creativity deserves my respect, but that doesn't mean I'm necessarily into what they're doing. The artists I don't respect are the ones who just in it to be in the Top 40 and make money off a song someone else wrote for them that sounds like everything else on the radio. But bands that I feel like I should be into based on my tastes and what my friends recommend include The Horrors, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Arctic Monkeys (though I do quite like them, I jus
  6. This is what my 2012 looks like so far: Hopefully more will be added once I start a new job that begins next week. I did three festivals in 2011 and saw a huge number of artists and I don't want 2012 to pale in comparison. Especially with newer/lesser known artists--I usually stick with shows from people I'm already interested in, but festivals are amazing to see the up-and-coming groups that few know about. And YES I still love Coldplay :phu: :P
  7. Got my tickets today too! :dance: In The End isn't one of my favorite tracks on the album, but I think the video is pretty. It might be a bit monotonous, but I think the dancing is nice and Gary looks quite good :wacky:
  8. Thanks Mel :wacky: (how are you, by the way!?) I just got a bit more annoyed at this because I do a very similar thing as The Oracle does on a website about The Strokes (though all the questions pertain to the band, we don't do random life-problem questions), and I try my best to NEVER like that to a question-asker. I delete the especially ridiculous/prying ones and carry on with the rest, and try to answer even the most noob-ish questions politely. I don't mean to say I should be the standard or anything, but my point is that if you're offering your services to a big website, you can't tro
  9. I was at the Live On Letterman taping this week, and even though I would have still probably bought a ticket to see them in NYC in April anyway, that completely cemented how badly I wanted to see them do a full, proper gig (mostly because Letterman was too short!). Once I get around to offloading my camera, I can post a few pictures and a video here if anyone cares :P I have my fingers crossed for the general sale tomorrow, I'm a bit nervous because the AMEX presale sold out much faster than I thought it would :uhoh:
  10. I thought this was really out of line--it was clearly a joke, and even if it wasn't, it didn't deserve that, and I feel like several other questions have been snarkily-answered lately. If you're going to answer questions publicly for a website, you either have to deal with the silly questions properly or delete them. Being grumpy isn't an excuse for snapping at a stranger for being a bit jokey, especially when you've willingly signed on to do something like this.
  11. GODDAMMIT, I forgot about that! What a bullshit rule :mean: :P I'm still not changing my list though, El Camino is definitely my favorite thing released this year and it stays in spite :lol:
  12. I agree, I love the way their (early) "logo" was COLDPLAY in the Alberta font, but I'm not really a fan of having just plain old band-names be a tattoo. As lovely as some of the butterfly tattoos I've seen are, I just feel like everyone does that, and so many people have butterflies anyway that it just seems like a kind of generic thing to get, at least from the point of view of other people. Right now I like the ideas of the MX symbols the best. This is such a cool idea! This is the kind of thing I'd like to go for: a symbol that's Coldplay-related, but not immediately obvious as Co
  13. This is the first time I've put together an actual ordered list for a year of albums, so here it is: 1. El Camino (The Black Keys) 2. Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay) 3. What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? (The Vaccines) 4. Angles (The Strokes) 5. Codes And Keys (Death Cab For Cutie) 6. Watch The Throne (The Throne/Kanye & Jay-Z) 7. Fallen Empires (Snow Patrol) 8. A Different Kind Of Fix (Bombay Bicycle Club) 9. Suck It And See (Arctic Monkeys) 10. The King Of Limbs (Radiohead)
  14. Also: I think they'll do a second leg, definitely, but not til Spring 2013. Those waiting for a NYC date: you do know that East Rutherford is literally on the other side of the river from Manhattan? :P You can see the NYC skyline from there, it's really basically a NYC show!
  15. ^I totally agree with most of your post--to me, the best solution for them would be to have a fan club, where everyone that wanted to be a member would pay a yearly fee and would able to buy tickets in a special members-only presale first (as well as a lot of other cool members-only things). A lot of bands do this sort of thing (though less than I think there should be), and everyone wins: the big fans, and the band. But GA doesn't solve the scalper problem at all--it solves the SEATING problem, but scalped GA tickets are usually the ones that go for hugely astronomical prices and that are
  16. Paperless tickets are definitely the best option that exists now, and I wish they were put into practice more often. But the problem with paperless tickets is the "grandmother problem," for people that want to gift tickets to other people, but not attend themselves, or for people who find out at a later date that they can't actually attend a show anymore and would like to sell/give the tickets to someone who can. It's hard to do either of those things without specific protections put into place beforehand. Also, as proved by the Radiohead Roseland Ballroom gigs this October, scalpers have
  17. Here's the one I was talking about on the LCD Soundsystem situation this year...it describes everything simply and briefly. And I'm done now, I can talk about this all day :P
  18. I didn't really take the 90% bit to be a proven statistic, but no, captcha doesn't prevent bots much at all--that's how the scalpers get everything, with much more advanced bots than Ticketmaster can realistically beat right now. I think the captcha prevents the most amateur bots, but the serious scalpers have insane tools these days, and they do get a BIG percentage of tickets through those means for shows like this, if maybe not as much as 90%. There are so many legal battles being waged about it now, and through my own experiences this year (as well as talking to friends and other people an
  19. OK, so it sounds like it was messy, but not AS bad as some other sales for things have been this year, because at least some people got something and it didn't seem glitchy. With Arctic Monkeys/The Black Keys at MSG, the first date's sale had a HUGE glitch where apparently the sale didn't open when Ticketmaster said it would, and when it did finally open like 15 minutes late, the bots ruled the day as usual. Radiohead at Roseland was also similarly a shitshow this year, and a bunch of other things. Ticketmaster is becoming hugely unreliable these days as well. If anyone wants to know more
  20. How did the general sale go for everyone? Was it a shambles like so many have been this year, or did the majority of people walk out with something?
  21. We were speculating in another thread--the VIP package is usually a pair of tickets in like, the first 5 rows or so. We're guessing $600+. I'm not positive about more dates being added to this leg myself, and I really don't think more than one or two max, but they'll almost definitely come back, probably in 2013.
  22. Glad some people got good seats :D. It's such a crapshoot, though...and they should just have bloody GA! *beats a dead horse* I wish everyone good luck in the general sale...those things aren't easy to stay afloat in these days. Even as recently as a year or so ago it was much easier, but it seems like scalpers have gotten even more advanced. If you don't get lucky there, remember there's always StubHub--some people actually do sell tickets for fair prices on there, especially if you wait a bit.
  23. This is pretty cool! Though I don't know if I think that's WHY it's called Charlie Brown, I think that Snoopy-to-title connection might just be a coincidence--speeding up and slowing down vocals in music isn't something new, so I think the 4x the speed thing could just be kind of a fluke. I knew about the second thing, but not the first! Thanks for that, do you know what interview that first part comes from?
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