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this is just... arghs!


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[... the weird thing about this is, that now i'm actually complaining about people who are complaining all the time. does that make any sense? i don't really know.]


anyways, the new semester at uni started a few weeks ago and today i realized that there are some people who just... well, piss me off, you know? maybe i should add that people don't usually piss me off unless they're sort of close to me (i don't usually care if moaning people are just around, you know what i mean?)

so... these ppl i'm talking about are actually quite close to me because they're the ones i spend all my time with when i'm at uni.


blah... the thing is, that finally all of them (which means 3 as we're normally a group of 4) have started moaning about how they hate uni and everything around it. i mean, it's not like i am the most positive person on this planet at all (lol, i wish i would be), but this is just getting insane... most of the time we have this really negative atmosphere because according to them, everything we're doing (at uni) sucks and doesn't make any sense.

and now i realized i'm starting to feel and think the same way. and i don't want to :( i know that i am quite happy with what i am doing and where i am ... i don't want anyone to get me "depressed". and yet i don't wanna stop spending time with them, because of course we do have good times as well. but yet i don't want them to tell me all day long how everything could be better.


i don't know. i think i just had to write sth down.

and maybe you've been in a similiar situation as well and can give me some advise.

gah, i'm annoyed and i don't like it. :dozey:

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Have you tried telling them to stop being so negative? I understand people can be down and negative sometimes but it is annoying when people go on and on about something. Maybr they need to kepe it to themself?

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It's all for the greater good. Some people in other countries can't even get to education. They should count themselves lucky. What would they rather do? Stay home all day and have nothing to look forward to. I couldn't do that. I couldn't get up in the morning to no work, or school. To know that my life is going down one road.


But now I see I'm going off topic. TELL THEM TO MAKE IT FUN! Time flys when you're having fun. And the more enjoyable it is, the easier it will be to get through the day. If it's the work, make time for all of you to get together and help each other out, joke around and that ya?


but if its the actual uni itself, maybe the atmosphere isnt to their taste and should consider changing



ah well i havent much of a clue what i mean but i hope it helps

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Been there, seen that. Wish I could be of some help, but I ended up pretty much dropping out. :embarassed: (Seriously- don't do that unless you have something better lined up ahead of time.)


But yes, your friends attitude is definitely going to rub off if you let it. And yes, from personal experience, that is probably going to affect your marks sooner or later. Probably the best thing is a little perspective.


Take a good hard look at your goals and what you need to get there. Think about the things in university that you enjoy- a class, a teacher, something that inspired you. Think about the stuff you would probably never find out about anywhere else. Think about how much the experience will make you grow as a person- it's like training for a race. Every hurdle you jump, every (mental) lap you run only makes you even stronger so that little things won't seem so big next year and forever after. That's what got me through when I was down but wanted to stay.


And yes, university is supposed to be hard. The idea as I understand it is that it's supposed to help you get ready for the real world. Which also sucks. :tongue: :laugh3: *sigh* (Actually, I've had the exact same problem at jobs too... I think I like it at first, but everyone else hates it. So it's sort of universal whether you're in school or working.)


But anyway, I found very gently talking to people saying that you need to get through this and you really need to have a positive attitude to do it can make a big difference.


As for me, I hung in for a long time, and when I did finally leave, I left because I realised what I really wanted was some time to de-stress and start writing again, and to eventually take up a trade. (And I ran out of money...) It wasn't an impulsive thing- it was really a conclusion I came to after adding everything up.


Good luck to you. ;)

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thanks for your replies! :)


well, yes, i've tried talking to them many times now, the last time was like 10 minutes ago. but i seriously don't get anywhere. one of the girls just keeps saying that she was always like that and she'll stay like that forever. she just goes to uni because she has to do something and therefore she hates it anyway.


the thing that annoys me the most (at least at this very moment) is, that their attitude leads to the fact that i have to do most of the work on my own.

there was a situation this morning when we got this really long text we have to read until next week. and the girl i was talking about before immidiately says "pfft, i don't read this shit anyway." i mean, okay, cool, do whatever you want... but the thing is, we're doing group work in almost all of our courses. which means by next week i'll probably be the only one who has done what we're told to (again, because it was the same today) and i hate that! :angry:

they're just sitting there talking and doing nothing.


i think it's not fair and i told them it's not. but i always get the same response: "i don't like this, i don't read this, i can't do this anyway."


sucks, really...


i'll probably just move to another group next time.


and cavenow, you're so right... i remember i didn't like going to school (or let's say to the lessons itself) that much but it was still fun because most of the people were nice and there was always sth to laugh about. and now uni just makes me miserable...

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