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  1. Hi everyone, not posted on here in a while. I'm selling my Fender 72 Telecaster Deluxe, in black. All the specs are here: https://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-72-telecaster-deluxe-black/20541 It's in near perfect condition, I've hardly played it. Looking at £450 plus postage, or can arrange collection. PM me for details.
  2. Yo! Coldplayers! Guess what! Coldplay went on X Factor to promote and sell their music! Just like all the evil manufactured pop acts you despise so much! But they're REAL and AUTHENTIC so it's ok!
  3. What's the problem here? Is X Factor just not REAL enough for Coldplay? I love a bit of music snobbery.
  4. I love Rihanna. Looking forward to hearing this.
  5. Fixed


    Rihanna singing about having fun with a guy is just as 'real' as Adele singing about pavements.
  6. http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/johann-hari/johann-hari-if-you-get-the-x-factor-youll-get-av-2271058.html
  7. I looked at your Last FM profile and chose tracks that I didn't think you'd have heard before. 01 Angel Echoes - Four Tet 02 Apply - Glasser 03 Absentee - Emmy The Great 04 Western Hospitality - Club 8 05 Turn My Swag On - Keri Hilson 06 Rockin' That Shit - The-Dream 07 The Lisbon Maru - Fuck Buttons 08 No Excuses - Air France 09 Get On 1 - The Jacka & Laroo 10 The Rock - Delakota 11 Second Language - Disco Inferno 12 Method Of Modern Love (Richard X Join Our Clique Remix) - Saint Etienne 13 I Never Knew - Cassie 14 Feels Like Glue - Embrace 15 Autumn Hill - Jon Hopkins I'm a guy by the way.
  8. 01 Instrumental. Like the gunshot sounds at the beginning. Interested to know who this is. 02 Love the guitar sound. 03 Really like this. Handclaps! Big thumbs up from me. 04 Echoey piano, wibbly sounds, ethereal vocals. Sounds like winter. Really beautiful. 05 Lots of voices, starts off like a hymn. Drums, cool guitar sound, sweet backing vocals, main vocal's interesting, change in tempo, big finish! 06 Probably needs a few more listens to sink in. 07 Probably needs a few more listens to sink in. 08 Like the guitar in the chorus and the "Oooh". 09 Nice drum track. This is really pretty. 10 I used to like Keane, not really been into them for a while now. Nice song though. 11 Is this Thirteen Senses? Not heard anything from them for a while, I'm guessing this is from their new album? 12 I'm a sucker for pretty piano and long tracks that build up and up. Guitar adding some colour, drums coming in. Huge ending. This is gorgeous. Thank you to whoever made this, I really appreciate it. I particularly enjoyed tracks 3, 4 and 12.
  9. Thanks to whoever made mine, I'll post what I thought of it later on.
  10. I'm sure Biffy are very grateful to Simon Cowell and Matt Cardle for the royalties.
  11. I'm not pretending to be naive. I'm genuinely interested to know what people think real music is, cos the truth is, there is no such thing as real music. It surely follows that if music isn't real then it's fake. Right? So how do you decide which music people genuinely like because of an interest in the song itself, and which music people like because of the hype around it? Is Beyonce's "Single Ladies" real? How about "Viva La Vida"?
  12. Just cos you don't write the song, it doesn't mean it can't mean something really deep and personal to you. You ever heard a song and felt like it was written just for you? Heard a song that's made you cry? Well imagine if a songwriter had written it for you to sing and release. You'd still sing it with the exact same feeling and passion. I doubt Chris Martin has ever heard Roman cavalry choirs singing in Jerusalem, but he still wrote a song about it. It doesn't make it any more 'important' than Ellie Goulding's cover of Your Song.
  13. Sincere apologies if I insulted you. Might have got a bit carried away, but only cos I strongly disagree with the idea that their should be any kind of barrier between different types of music.
  14. Can someone please tell me what real music is?
  15. Who gives a shit who writes the music. If I hear a good song and I like it, I don't find out whether or not the singer wrote it themselves, and then suddenly despise the song if I find out they didn't write out. The Beatles first album was a covers album! Not everyone who can write a song wants to or is able to perform, just like not everyone who can sing or perform can write a song.
  16. Why do Biffy have no place on X Factor?
  17. Like I know this is a pointless argument cos this place seems to be full of real people who like real music n shit, but who the fuck's he to say that his real music and the people who listen to his real music are in any way better or more worthy or more important than people who listen to Robbie?
  18. Biffy dude who said that X Factor isn't a threat to 'real music' is a knob.
  19. Matt Cardle is dull as fuck, but the uproar this is causing amongst the real music brigade is kinda funny.
  20. Seriously, fuck this shit. Biffy Clyro didn't make it a great song, The-Dream, Tricky Stewart and Rihanna made it a great song.
  21. http://www.nme.com/news/biffy-clyro/54233 Knob! How many of you actually buy into this 'real music' shite?
  22. ivet; If you need a spare I'd be happy to do one.
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