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Hey guys... just thought I'd pimp myself a little bit. Feel free to hit BACK if you don't want to listen to member music.


I'm getting ready to release an album with my band:



It's kind of a mix between Wilco and Death Cab/The Postal Service but I used to be wholly inspired by Coldplay. So there's got to still be some of them in there too.


Check it out if it sounds interesting to you!



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Hey our EP is finally on itunes!


Here's a direct link to the album:



This EP is just the first half of the full-length disc...

the second half of the full album has much more coldplay influence and it should be out in a month!

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Hey guys... I just "Lost!-afied" one of my older songs.

I'd like to hear some feedback if anyone wants to listen.

It's called "I'm an Expert" and it's here: http://www.myspace.com/themodernantiques


I just love how Coldplay took the acoustic Lost? and turned it into the anthem dance Lost!

My song started off as an acoustic folk song and I tried to remix it in the same way as Lost!


So feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!


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